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Great White Shark Leaping
Great White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias, breaches out of water, seizing imitation seal towed as a lure, False Bay, South Africa. Picture #: 006563

We deliver our high resolution files to you via our web server on demand. That means you can get high resolution files as soon as you place your order with us. Here is how it works.


1. You make a selection by searching our web site, browsing our gallery pages, and making your own digital lightbox online. Then send us an inquiry, or contact us by e-mail, phone or fax with the image number(s).

2. Once we reach an agreement on usage and payment terms, we'll make our high resolution files of your selected pictures accessible to you on our web site. Detailed downloading instructions and the URL will be e-mailed to you.

3. You follow the instructions on the e-mail and download the high resolution files to your computer. High Resolution File Specification:

Pixel Dimensions 5400 pixels x 3600 pixels (35mm full frame - 3:2 ratio)
Optimal Reproduction Size* 24 in. x 16 in. at 300 dpi
File Format** 8 bit RGB Photoshop JPEG
  • Color Profile: Adobe RGB (1998)
  • Image Options: Quality 10 Maximum
  • Format Options: Baseline ("Standard")
Uncompressed File Size***
Compressed File Size****
98.9 MB
2 - 18 MB

* Our high resolution pictures will reproduce best at any size smaller than or equal to 24 inches x 16 inches at 300 dpi. If you would like to reproduce larger than that, you should up-size/up-sample our high resolution files by using an appropriate interpolation method such as the Stair Interpolation in Photoshop, or by using a commercial product such as Genuine Fractal by onOne Software, SizeFixer by FixerLabs, etc. If you are not comfortable doing it, we can help to increase the file size for your projects. Just contact us.

** Immediately after downloading our high resolution files, we recommend you save the file as TIFF to prevent further loss in quality. You should never re-save JPEG files. TIFF files are available only upon request since they are not practical for speedy digital transmission. TIFF files will not render visibly better reproduction quality in press printed material. Please note that we do not offer CMYK images.

*** The final file size can vary depending on the dimensions of the picture.

**** Compressed file size can differ greatly from one file to the other depending on the image characteristics. Typically, the more colorful the picture is, the larger the compressed file size is. Our digital files are optimized at the uncompressed stage, so it would be pointless for you to check & compare the compressed file sizes.


Comprehensive Layouts - "Comps":

Our thumbnails and larger preview images (Enlarged View - 450 pixels across) on this site may be downloaded for use in comprehensive layouts ("comps"), and "non-commercial" personal off-line use. After use, if you decide not to license the picture, please make sure that you delete the image files from your computers to avoid any copyright infringement. Please note that all pictures on this web site are copyrighted. Reproduction rights are strictly managed by us and by the photographers. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these pictures for any other purpose, or for artistic reference for another photograph, painting, drawing, or illustration without obtaining a license to do so. Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information.