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Masa Ushioda - President (2014 - Present), Director of Photography (1997-2013)

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Masa Ushioda
Award-winning photographer Masa Ushioda was born and raised in Japan. He emerged on the scene as a prominent young talent among the new generation of professional marine wildlife photographers. He has become one of the few leading wildlife photographers in the world who employs the highest shooting skills, as well as extensive knowledge of animals and cutting-edge digital technology in photography.

Having grown up by a river in a suburb of Tokyo, he had an enormous interest in aquatic life. His enthusiasm toward aquatic animals continued, and as he grew up, his playground naturally expanded to the more diverse, fascinating world of the ocean. When he learned scuba diving during his freshman year at Waseda University in Tokyo, he purchased his first underwater camera and started his career as a marine wildlife photographer.

After graduating from Waseda University in Tokyo, he decided to pursue his interest in photography. He attended the University of Miami, majoring in Fine Art Photography. At the university, he spent days and nights in the dark room, and by his senior year, he had established his own unique and innovative printmaking process combining historic printmaking processes such as Cyanotype and Gumbichromate printings and the latest digital technology of that time. During his free time, he made countless dives in the Florida Keys and Bahamas to capture beautiful underwater scenes for his art. After successful underwater photo exhibitions, he earned his BFA in Photography.

Following graduation, he joined Doug Perrine's (formerly known as Innerspace Visions) in Miami, Florida as a computer specialist as well as a contributing photographer. In summer of 1997, the company was relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii. At he became the primary picture editor for incoming photographers’ submissions and outgoing submissions. He has been in charge of the computer network, cataloguing, digital imaging, and designing and developing the web site.

Masa Ushioda Underwater

Photo by David B. Fleetham

In September of 2003, Susan Dabritz took over the company. Masa remained with the company and continued to be one of the major contributing marine wildlife photographers to the stock photo library.

Ever since he moved to Kona, he has been fascinated by Hawaiian wildlife, particularly large marine animals such as whales, dolphins, sharks, and other large pelagic fish. He spends most of his time photographing them as well as fishing for marlin, mahi mahi, and tuna for "sushi & sashimi" at his dinner table.

His beautiful photographs appear in numerous advertisements, magazines, books, calendars and other graphic products, and they are also exhibited in many museums and aquariums worldwide. Recently he won awards in the BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year photo contest in the UK and in the Nature's Best & Cemex International Photo Contest. His award winning photos were exhibited in the Natural History Museum in London and in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.

In January of 2014, Masa Ushioda took over the, Inc. as Susan was forced to resign due to her terminal illness.