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picture of a porpoise

PORPOISE - Porpoise Pictures, marine cetacean mammals related to the dolphin

Picture of harbor, also know as common, porpoise, Phocoena phocoena, Fjord Beltcenter, Kerteminde, Denmark

Picture #: 000842

picture of an atalntic whitesided dolphin

Atlantic White-sided Dolphin Pictures, Showing Its Unique Coloration

Picture of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, Lagenorhynchus acutus, and short-beaked common dolphins, Delphinus delphis, Scotian Shelf, Nova Scotia, Canada, Atlantic Ocean

Picture #: 010743

picture of bottenose dolphins ijumping at sunset

Bottlenose Dolphin Pictures Showing Behaviors and Characteristics of this Curious Cetacean

Picture of bottlenose dolphins, jumping at sunset, Tursiops truncatus, Roatan, Honduras, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean

Picture #: 001815

picture of clymene dolphin

Clymene Dolphin Pictures Showing This Agile Dolphin Endemic to the Atlantic Ocean

Picture of a Clymene dolphin, Stenella clymene, Gulf of Mexico

Picture #: 001807

picture of an eastern spinner dolphin

Eastern Spinner Dolphin Pictures, A Depleted Species

Picture of an eastern spinner dolphin, Stenella longirostris orientalis, leaping, east tropical Pacific

Picture #: 010924

picture of a false killer whale

False Killer Whale Pictures, Showing this Dolphin at Risk from Longline Fisheries

Picture of a false killer whale, Pseudorca crassidens, with mouth open showing its teeth

Picture #: 035862

picture of a heavisides dolphin

Fraser's Dolphin Pictures, A Dolphin That Inhabits Deep Oceans

Picture of Fraser's dolphin, lagenodelphis hosei, Maldives, Indian Ocean

Picture #: 075487

picture of a heavisides dolphin

Heaviside's Dolphin Pictures, A Small Dolphin found off the Coast of South Africa

Picture of a Heaviside's dolphin, Cephalorhynchus heavisidii, back flip, Britannia Bay, South Africa

Picture #: 010635

picture of a heavisides dolphin

Hector's Dolphin Pictures, The World's Most Endangered Dolphin

Picture of Hector's dolphin, Cephalorhynchus hectori, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand, South Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 082239

picture of an hourglass dolphin

Hourglass Dolphin Pictures, A Rarely Seen Small Dolphin

Picture of an hourglass dolphin, Lagenorhynchus cruciger, near South Georgia Island, South Atlantic

Picture #: 009286

Picture of Irrawaddy dolphins leaping

Irrawaddy Dolphin Pictures, an Endangered Oceanic Dolphin

Picture of Irrawaddy dolphins, Orcaella brevirostris. In the lower Mekong river is a relic population of an endemic sub- species isolated for more than 10000 years. Totally cut off from the sea, the hundred or so individuals are restricted upstream to the Laos border

Picture #: 065696

picture of a  killer whale

Killer Whale Pictures, also known as Orca, the Largest Member of the Dolphin Family

Picture of a killer whale, orca, Orcinus orca, breaching, San Juan Islands, Washington, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 009067

picture of long-finned pilot  whale

Long-finned Pilot Whale Pictures - Photos and Images of this Whale that is Really a Dolphin

Picture of long-finned pilot whale, Globicephala melas, with cookie cutter shark mark

Picture #: 133816

picture of a Peales dolphin

Peale's Dolphin Pictures, a Small Dolphin that Lives in the South Atlantic Ocean

Picture of a Peale's dolphin, Lagenorhynchus australis, leaping, Falkland Islands, Atlantic Ocean

Picture #: 011164

picture of pink river dolphin

Pink River Dolphin Pictures, also known as the Amazon River Dolphin

Picture of Amazon river dolphin, boto or pink river dolphin, Inia geoffrensis, the largest true freshwater dolphin, Amazon and Orinoco River basins

Picture #: 010682

picture of pygmy killer whale

Pygmy Killer Whale Pictures - Photos and Images of this Oceanic Dolphin with a Whale Name

Picture of pygmy killer whales, Feresa attenuata, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 002298

picture of Chinese river dolphin

River Dolphin Pictures Showing the Ganges River Dolphin, Chinese River Dolphin, and La Plata Dolphin species

Picture of of Chinese river dolphin or baiji, Lipotes vexillifer, China

Picture #: 092242

picture of southern right whale dolphin

Southern Right Whale Dolphin Pictures Showing this Graceful Dolphin That Loves to Leap

Picture of southern right whale dolphins, Lissodelphis peronii, Kaikoura, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 002629

picture of tucuxi dolphin

Striped Dolphin Pictures Showing this Acrobatic Dolphin found Worldwide

Picture of striped dolphin, Stenella coeruleoalba, Azores Islands, Portugal, North Atlantic Ocean

Picture #: 001809

picture of tucuxi dolphin

Tucuxi Dolphin Pictures Showing this Dolphin that Inhabits Coast and River Waters

Picture of a tucuxi dolphin, Sotalia fluviatilis, leaping, Environmental Protection Area of Anhatomirim, Baia Norte, southern Brazil, Atlantic Ocean

Picture #: 009994

picture of a wholphin

White-Beaked Dolphin Pictures,a Large Dolphin Endemic to the North Atlantic

Photo of a white-beaked dolphin, Lagenorhynchus albirostris, side-breaching, Iceland, North Atlantic Ocean

Picture #: 010741

picture of a wholphin

Wholphin Pictures, a rare hybrid from the mating of a female bottlenose dolphin, and a male false killer whale

Picture of Kekaimalu, whose name means 'from the peaceful ocean', a wholphin or wolphin, the only known living hybrid of a false killer whale, Pseudorca crassidens, and Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, Oahu, Hawaii

Picture #: 020242